All Purpose Duct Tape Red

All Purpose Duct Tape Red

The Ultimate All Purpose Duct Tape

Red Duct Tape

  • Tickitape quality cloth tape
  • Aggressive natural rubber adhesive
  • Tough, durable and waterproof
  • Individually wrapped

Tickitape All Purpose tape is the ultimate all purpose duct tape, made from top quality cloth with an aggressive natural rubber adhesive.Tickitape All purpose tape is tough and durable with thousands of uses around the home and industry including jointing PVC sheets, high and low velocity duct work, temporary repairs to pipework etc.


Technical Data


Calendered Natural Rubber

Tensile Strength31.6N/cm
Adhesion to steel4.8N/cm
Service Temperature-10 to + 600C

Shelf Life

12 months from Date of manufacture


Ensure surfaces to which tape is to be applied are clean sound and dry. Remove outer packaging from roll of tape. Peel required amount of tape from roll pressing firmly into place while unrolling. Tear off or cut with a knife when finished.


Store in cool dry conditions between 5'C and 250'C. Safe in normal use however as a precaution keep polythene outer packaging away from children.

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