P18 Gas Leak Detector 400ml everbuild

P18 Gas Leak Detector 400ml

Designed specifically to identify even the smallest positive pressure

Product Description

EVERBUILD P18 GAS LEAK DETECTOR is a specially formulated micro porous foam designed specifically to identify even the smallest, gaseous leak. It is suitable for use with most gases and is compatible with paintwork, metals, wood and most plastics.

 This product is designed to be used to trace costly and potentially dangerous gas leaks   



·         Suitable for most gas types.

·         Fast and easy to apply.

·         CFC free.

·         Directional tube for hard to reach places. 

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080095 P18 Gas Leak Detector 400ml 1

Areas for Use

·         Detecting leaks in pressurized pipe systems.

·         Suitable for use with most gas types including natural and town gas, compressed air, butane, propane, acetylene, chlorine gas, hydrogen and oxygen.




·       Use only as directed.

·       Do not spray directly onto skin as freeze burns can occur

Test compatibility with painted surface and rubber prior to application




Shake can well before use and regularly during application. Always ensure the canister is at room temperature before applying.


Spray from a distance of 25-30cm onto the area to be tested.


If a leak has been detected, bubbles will form in the applied film indicating the location of the leak.



Health & Safety

Consult MSDS for full list of hazards.




Store in cool dry conditions away from sources of ignition. Protect from freezing.



Shelf Life

12 months from date of manufacture.


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