Flue Jointing Compound 1Kg everbuild

Flue Jointing Compound 1Kg

Finely dispersed asbestos free material with a stiff consistency

Product Description

FLUE JOINTING COMPOUND is a ready mixed paste/putty for sealing metal flue joints in domestic or industrial applications where the flue temperature does not exceed 2000C. FLUE JOINTING COMPOUND does not harden completely and remains flexible to accommodate movement.



·       Ready mixed formula.

·       Temperature resistant up to 200oC.

·       Internal or external use.

·       Non flammable.

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Areas For Use

·       Jointing metal flues.

·       As a general sealing compound.

·       Low pressure air ducts.

·       Chasing pipes through brickwork.




·       Do not use externally when rain is imminent or on damp surfaces.

·       Do not alter consistency

·       Do not use in excess of 200 degrees C.



Surface Preparation

For maximum adhesion ensure all surfaces are free from all loose dirt and contaminants i.e. rust, soot, dust etc.




FLUE JOINTING COMPOUND should be used straight from the tub. Apply by hand or putty knife working well into the joint to completely fill it. When connecting flue pipes, wrap glass fibre rope around the spigot end before inserting to facilitate a tighter joint.





Specific Data


Thick paste

SG @ 20°C

1.8 gcm3  (approx)

Application Temp

5oC to 60oC

Service Temp

-10 to 200oC


1kg will cover approx 3 linear metres of joint.



Health & Safety

Consult MSDS for full list of hazards.




Store at moderate temperatures in original containers. Keep out of direct sunlight.



Shelf Life

Up to 12 months when stored according to manufacturers instructions.


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