Armeg High Speed Cores

Armeg High Speed Cores

Ultra Hard Tungsten Carbide tips provide increased wear resistance

Armeg High Speed masonry Core

A rapid action core drill ideally matched to SDS Plus Machines. Extremely Thin Wall - Manufactured with only a 2.5mm ultra thin wall, there is dramatically reduced drag when drilling meaning the HSM's drill with extreme speed. Ultra Hard Tungsten Carbide Tips - Ultra hard tungsten carbide tips provide increased wear resistance allowing users to operate the core on 'hammer action' for rapid drilling speeds. Tommy Bar Hole - Machined Tommy Bar hole allows users to locate a Tommy Bar for hassle free disconnection of arbours and core drills. Precision Machined Arbour Flats - Precision machined arbour flats allows users to easily use grips or a spanner to lock on to the arbour for easy separation of core assembly. Unique Pilot System - Unique Armeg original design ball-locking & pilot drill system eliminates the need for awkward grub screws, meaning pilots and arbours can be interchanged quickly for greater convenience.

Code Product Boxed In
072025 25mm Armeg HSM Core CL25S 1
072030 30mm Armeg HSM Core CL30S 1
072040 40mm Armeg HSM Core CL40S 1
072045 45mm Armeg HSM Core CL45S 1
072050 50mm Armeg HSM Core CL50S 1
072066 66mm Armeg HSM Core CL66S 1
072080 80mm Armeg HSM Core CL80S 1
072110 110mm Armeg HSM Core CL110S 1

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