BiTorsion Xtra Tough Bits

BiTorsion Xtra Tough Bits

Pack of 10, 25mm Long

BiTorsion Xtra Tough Bit Set

  • Patented torsion zone dramatically maximizes service life
  • Extra through hardened for long life service
  • Forged bits with accurate tip dimensions
  • Wera's green band guarantees the best quality
  • 25mm long

Wera Bits are designed for the most demanding applications in trade and industry. They are designed to have the ability to transfer high torque loads, safe to use and extremely durable. Forged using precise tollerances, these are Classic Bits with great service life. The greater elasticity of tough viscous bits prevents premature breakages of the tip of the tool. Recommended for general use and hard joint applications, metal to metal using threaded screws. For even longer service life compare with Wera's Torsion and BiTorsion series. For impact cordless and the most powerful machines use Wera's Impaktor series. To extend service life combine with Wera BiTorsion bit holders. Wera – Tools. From Ideas

Code Product Boxed In
090106 BiTorsion Xtra Tough PZ1 x 25mm 056720 10
090107 BiTorsion Xtra Tough PZ2 x 25mm 056722 10

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