Double Kliplok Pipe Clip unifix pipe clips cliplok cliplock

Double Kliplok Pipe Clip

Made of Heat Resistant Polypropylene

Double Clip Lock Pipe Clip

  • Hinge design allows repeated opening and closing 
  • Unifix
  • 360° pipe retention
  • Single screw fixing
  • Clip can be fixed with pipes in place
  • Creates tidy finish on multiple pipes
  • Renowned Trade Clip
  • High Quality and High Performance
  • Bright White
  • Super Secure
  • Large Base Prevents Pull Through into Plaster
  • Made of Heat Resistant Polypropylene
  • Allow pipes to be easily removed
  • High Stand-off Allowing for Lagging and Circulation
  • Can Withstand continuous working temperatures of 110°
Code Product Boxed In
063203 15mm Double Kliplok 50
063207 22mm Double Kliplok 50
063209 28mm Double Kliplok 50

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