Pipe Spacer Block unifix openlok spacer openlock spacer

Pipe Spacer Block

Use with Kliplok and Openlok Clips

Pipe Spacer Block (Support Posts)

  • Use with FIX 247 Cliplock and Openlock Clips
  • Unifix
  • Provides clearance for lagging up to 30mm thick
  • Can be stacked for increased clearance
  • Made in the UK

Used in conjunction with single Cliplock or Openlock pipe clips they snap in at the bottom of the clip and effectively lift the clip by 25mm. This allows for lagging to be fitted around the pipe in accordance with bye-laws introduced regarding minimum thicknesses of lagging that must be used. Support posts can be stacked to accommodate thicker lagging. Ensure a fixing screw is used that can pass through the pipe clip, the support post and then fully expand the length of the fixing plug.

Code Product Boxed In
069000 15mm Pipe Spacer Blocks 100
069001 22mm Pipe Spacer Blocks 100

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