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Countersunk Pozi Chipboard Screws
Countersunk Pozi Wood Screw
Round Head Twin Thread Wood Screw
Brass Slotted Woodscrews
Stainless Steel Screws
Collated Coarse Drywall Screws
Drywall Screws
ForgeFast Elite Pozi Woodscrews
ForgeFast Elite Pozi Woodscrew Case
Ultimate 2 Woodscrews


Pipe Clips

Talon Single Quick Lock Pipe Clip
Talon Double Quick Lock Pipe Clip
Talon Quick Lock Spacer
Talon Single Pipe Clip
Talon Universal Spacer
Talon Double Pipe Clips
Double Openlok Pipe Clips
Pipe Spacer Block
Pipe Clip Reducer


Drill Bits

Bosch 4Pce Multi Construction Drill Set
SDS Drill Bit
Rotary Impact Masonry Drill Bits
Flat Wood Spade Drill Bits
High Speed Steel (HSS) Drill Bits
Stubby Auger Drill Bit
Medium Auger Drill Bits 235mm
Long Auger Drill Bits
Addax Auger Drill Bits
SDS Auger Drill Bit
Punk SDS Drill Bit
Punk Flat Wood Bits
Blue Groove Drill Bits
Bosch Self Cut Flat Wood Bit
Bosch Self Cut Flat Wood Bit Set
Bosch Multi Construction Drill Bit
Long Wood Spade Bit
Makita Long Spade Set
Blue Groove 6 Piece Drill Bit Set
19 Piece Hst Drill Set


Screw Accessories

M8 Type B Zinc Washers
Penny Washers
White Hinged Cover Caps
Black Hinged Cover Caps
Two Piece Cover Caps


Expansion Plugs

Red Plastic Expansion Plugs
Brown Plastic Expansion Plugs
Orange Plastic Expansion Plugs
Yellow Plastic Expansion Plug
Nail Plugs
Square Anchors
Hi Load Anchors


Cavity Fixings

Twister Plasterboard Screws
Hollow Wall Anchor
Nylon Frame Fixings
Hollow Wall Anchor Gun


Tile Drill Bits

Tile & Glass Drill Bit
Hard Tile Drill Bit
XT2 Ox Diamond Tile Drill
PG750X Marcrist Dry Diamond Tile Drill


PPE Equipment

FFP2 Valved Masks
FFP3 Valved Masks
Warrior Grip Gloves
Powdered Latex Gloves
Standard Safety Goggles
Safety Glasses
Aquarius Safety Glasses
Hi Vis Waistcoat
PU Coated Nylon Gloves
Warrior Blue Overshoes
Line Marker
Fire Extinguisher



Bi-Metal Holesaw
A1 Arbor
A2 Arbor
Pilot Drill
Plumbers Holesaw Kit
Bosch 9 Piece Progressor Holesaw Kit
Bosch Progressor Holesaw
Bosch Hex Power Change Arbor
Bosch Powerchange SDS Arbor
Bosch Holesaw Pilot Drill


Diamond Cores

Dry Diamond Core Bit
Dry Diamond Core Kit
250mm Solid Extension
Chuck Adapter Pack
SDS Adapter Pack
A Taper Pilot Drill


Nail Clips

Talon Nail Clip
Talon Red Nail Clip
Talon Blue Nail Clip
Talon Yellow Nail Clip
Masonry Nail Pipe Clip White
Masonry Nail Pipe Clip


Pipe Covers

Talon White Pipe Covers
Talon Chrome Pipe Covers
Flamco Supaplates
Flamco Supaplates Chrome
Coloured end caps


Cable Clips

Flat Twin and Earth Cable Clip Grey
Flat Twin and Earth Cable Clip White
Flat Twin and Earth Cable Clip Black
Flat Twin and Earth Cable Clip Brown
Double Flat Twin and Earth Cable Clip Grey
Round Cable Clips White
Round Cable Clips Black
Round Cable Clips Brown
Black Insulation Tape
Blue Insulation Tape
Brown Insulation Tape
Green Insulation Tape
Grey Insulation Tape
Red Insulation Tape
Yellow Insulation Tape
White Insulation Tape
Green/Yellow Insulation Tape
Aluminium Foil Tape
Closure Plate Tape PRS10
All Purpose Duct Tape
All Purpose Duct Tape Blue
All Purpose Duct Tape Red
Masking Tape
Yellow Insulation Tape 50mm x 33m
PTFE Water Tape
PTFE Gas Tape
Gas ID Tape
Flat Packers
Heating ID Tape
Hot Water ID Tape
Domestic Hot Water ID Tape
Cold Water ID Tape
Hot Water Flow ID Tape
Hot Water Return ID Tape


Bath & Sanitary 500 Silicone
Dow Corning 785 Sanitary Silicone
Contractors LMA 200 Silicone
Builders LMN 450 Silicone
General Purpose HM Silicone
Gun A Nail
Firemate Sealant
Leadmate Sealant
Heatmate Sealant
All Purpose Silicone Spray


Fillers Foam

One Strike Filler
Hand Held Expanding Foam
Hand Held B2 Expanding Fire Foam
Gun Grade Expanding Foam
Gun Foam Cleaner
Gun Grade B2 Expanding Fire Foam
Pro Sealant Gun C4
P45 Foam Gun
Mitre Fast Bonding Kit
125 One Hour Caulk C3
Evostik Gripfill 350ml
P18 Gas Leak Detector 400ml
D4 Premium Wood Adhesive 1 Litre
Flue Jointing Compound 1Kg
Contractors PVA 5 Litre
Wood Glue 1 Litre



Bosch 32mm Plunge Cut Wood Blade
Bosch 32mm Plunge Cut metal Blade
Bosch T111C Jigsaw Blades
Bosch T144D Jigsaw Blades
Bosch T101B Jigsaw Blades
Bosch T101BR Jigsaw Blades
Bosch T118A Jigsaw Blades
Bosch S644D Sabre Saw Blades
Bosch S922HF Sabre Saw Blades
Bosch S922BF Sabre Saw Blades
Bosch S1122EF Sabre Saw Blades
Bosch S1222VF Sabre Saw Blades
Bahco Junior Hacksaw Blades
Junior Hacksaw Frame
Starrett Blue 24 TPI Hacksaw Blades
12″ Hacksaw Frame
7 Piece Multi Tool Blade Set
4 Piece Multi Tool Blade Sets
Flush Cut Wood Blades
22mm Bi Metal Blade


Cable Ties

Cable Tie Black
Cable Tie Natural
Masonry Mount
25mm Cable Tie Bases 4 Way Black
Open Cable Grommets
Connector Strips


Site Cases

Chunky Cases
Metal Site Case
Chunky Case with Stainless Steel Screws


Masonry Cores

Armeg High Speed Cores
300mm SDS High Speed Masonry Core Arbor
7mm High Speed Masonry Pilot Drill
Armeg High Speed Masonry Core Set


Dust Protection

Cotton Twill Dust Sheet 12 x 9ft
Cotton Twill Stair Sheet 24 x 3ft
Cotton Laminated Sheet 12 x 9ft
Polythene Dust Sheets 12 x 9ft
Roll & Stroll Carpet Protector
Hard Surface Roll & Stroll Carpet protector
Rubble Sacks
Paper Rolls 150m
Wonder Wipes
Numatic Henry Hoover Bags


Diamond Blades

Inox Cutting Discs
Diamond Blade


Screwdriver Bits

10 Piece Screwdriver Bit Set
40 Piece Torx Bit Set
Magnetic Bit Holder
T30 Torx Bits
BiTorsion Xtra Hard Gold Bit Set
BitTorsion Xtra Hard Bits
BiTorsion Xtra Tough Bit Set
Wera Impaktor PZ2 Bits
BiTorsion Xtra Tough Bits



Wash Basin Fixing Kit
WC Fixing Kit
L Bracket WC & Bidet Kit
Heating System Inhibitor
Sludge & Flux Remover
Power Flush Cleaner
PVC Pipe Cement
Lead Free Solder
Leaded Solder
Templers Copalux Soldering Flux
Monument Soldering Mat
Galvanized Fixing Band
Metal Box Lids
CleanFit Strips
CleanTex Mini Pads
Cleanfit 5M Roll
Medium Wire Wool
Loctite 55 Dispenser
Fumax Smoke Pellets
Fumax Smoke Matches
Gas Safety Certificate Pads



Utility Knife Blades
SDS+ Point Chisel
SDS+ Flat Chisels
Pair of Trend PB29 Planer Blades
Tile Spacers